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日本語版はこちらをクリック When you  decide to go abroad to study English, you must have a strong determination. Your mind should be stronger than your emotions.   At first, some things you've never seen in your home country will shock you. The culture is different and the way of life here is a little laid back.  The climate is almost always warm. These and other factors all contribute to the development of the lonely feeling called homesickness. It's true, you may feel homesick sometimes. You may miss your family, your friends, your previous job and all that you left behind. Unfortunately, some students have let their homesickness get in the way of their journey.   Try to imagine the time when you were very young. You were just a tiny, helpless creature. But as days went by you discovered the strength  of your knees, and you tried to stand up. Next, you dared to make a step forward. Your first steps were wobbly and for countless of times you stumbled and fell, and probably e

The Invisible Hump

日本語版はこちらをクリック ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have here an amusing story. Let me begin by saying that w hen my female student arrived here, her vocabulary was very limited. She didn't know even simple words such as toe, ceiling, eyelashes and eyebrows.  And like most students, she didn't recognize the difference between F and H, L and R, M and N, J and Z and the like. To simultaneously develop her vocabulary, speaking and comprehension, we designed a special course for her. In the course, she is always asked to read aloud so that  we, her teachers, can "straighten up her tongue and align her jaws" right there and then. One of our first lessons was a simple reading about camels and how they survive in the desert. In the reading, she learned words and expressions such as "go without water for a long time, desert, all over its body, heat, cold, cool, hot, about 150, d

Learn English The Right Way

日本語版はこちらをクリック Thanks to the wonders of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V, I got the following headlines to my blog page in a matter of  seconds! PH soon to join 'tiger economies', claims expert By  Thea Alberto-Masakayan  |  Yahoo! Southeast Asia Newsroom  –  Sun, Jul 1, 2012 ...He also mentioned Pinoys' ability to speak English, leading the country to becoming the best choice of business process outsourcing-a $9 billion industry employing 350,000 people. 3 Philippine universities among world's best English-teaching schools By  Tarra Quismundo in Manila/Philippine Daily Inquirer  |  Asia News Network  –  Sat, Jun 30, 2012 Today, these two news headlines (and articles)  brightened up my day.  Again, I admit that my beloved country is lagging behind some Asian countries in terms of economic stability. This is a fact known to everybody. However, as the above headlines show, when it comes to English, we alway