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Thanks to the wonders of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V, I got the following headlines to my blog page in a matter of  seconds!

PH soon to join 'tiger economies', claims expert

3 Philippine universities among world's best English-teaching schools

Today, these two news headlines (and articles)  brightened up my day. 

Again, I admit that my beloved country is lagging behind some Asian countries in terms of economic stability. This is a fact known to everybody. However, as the above headlines show, when it comes to English, we always manage to be on top, and this is something we take pride in. 

We are often  asked by our foreign friends how we can properly use  a language which isn't our own.  It's because we study English the correct way. Let me state, by the way, that there are only two ways to study English: the correct way and the wrong way.  

We studied English the correct way, so we are confident that we can also teach it the correct way. How do we do it? We would love to show you how.!

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