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What to Expect When You Enroll at ACE

日本語バージョンはこちらをクリック If you look at your reflection in the mirror and you see some dirt on your face, what should you do? A. get angry, refuse to acknowledge that your face is dirty and walk away B. clean your face Any person in his right mind would choose B. The fact :  Sadly, some students get upset when their mistakes are corrected by their teachers. Many students say that they know a lot of grammar rules, vocabulary items, expressions, etc.  Oh yes, we know that you know rules. If we didn't, we wouldn't expect you to use them properly, would we?  But, can you use them? If you just know them in  your mind but you can't use them properly when you speak, then you really don't know them. You may know a lot of grammar rules and thousands of words, but if you instinctively say He don't instead of He doesn't,  or if you impulsively say I'm very  interest your book instead of I am very interested in your book, then y