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My Little Garden--The Story Behind It

日本語バージョンはこちらをクリック October 26 was a Friday, a holiday in the Philippines. I made up my mind to work in the garden. Well, not really a garden, just a vacant lot which is about 20 square meters where a lot of weeds grew. I even found a small anthill which I was determined to demolish, but before I could start kicking the small mound, I saw hundreds of ants scurrying everywhere, disturbed by my intrusion. Upon seeing the small red laborers, I decided to leave them alone in their kingdom, acknowledging that they had been there long before I arrived, and they have more right to stay in that vacant space than I do. The anthill (I took the picture from a safe distance so in this picture, it doesn't look like one) I pulled out all the tall weeds. I snipped and snapped branches here and there.  I had blisters on my palms, countless of bruises and scars and ant bites on my arms, neck and face. (I did all my best to maintain a safe distance from the ants but they foun