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And The Scores Are...!!!

日本語訳バージョンはこちらをクリック Yesterday, December 20, 2012, at 11 in the morning, we received the TOEIC exam results of our two students. The results are impressive. After only a little more than a month of intensive practice, Student A's TOEIC score is now 365 points higher than his score before he came to ACE. Student B's score improved as well; the last time he took the same exam his score was 805, now it's 905. While they were opening their envelopes, my knuckles were pale and my fingertips were cold. I leaned against the wall because I didn't want anybody to notice that I was shaking. You might think I was overreacting, maybe, but if you were a school owner struggling to compete against well-funded giants and working hard to build a name,  you would feel what I had felt. Unlike my competitors who started their schools with a lot of reserved funds and financiers, I started from a scratch. Paying people to advertise this school is therefore out of the quest