And The Scores Are...!!!

Yesterday, December 20, 2012, at 11 in the morning, we received the TOEIC exam results of our two students. The results are impressive.

After only a little more than a month of intensive practice, Student A's TOEIC score is now 365 points higher than his score before he came to ACE. Student B's score improved as well; the last time he took the same exam his score was 805, now it's 905. While they were opening their envelopes, my knuckles were pale and my fingertips were cold. I leaned against the wall because I didn't want anybody to notice that I was shaking. You might think I was overreacting, maybe, but if you were a school owner struggling to compete against well-funded giants and working hard to build a name,  you would feel what I had felt.

Unlike my competitors who started their schools with a lot of reserved funds and financiers, I started from a scratch. Paying people to advertise this school is therefore out of the question, so I decided long time ago to compete in the arena where I know I will reign supreme. Our school's reputation and the ability of the teachers to deliver results therefore, are our advertisement. When I started this school, I vowed to give students what they need. If it's a high TOEIC score, then so be it. TOEFL? Sure, why not?  IELTS? Okay, sit down. Let's get down to business.

I'm not claiming the credit. Excellent teachers are with me, and they have perfect TOEIC scores. These  teachers really work hard to produce the needed results. As for me, I do all the planning and administrative tasks, with the invaluable assistance of my Japanese staff. Without my staff, my ideas will never turn into realities no matter how good they are. I may be the person on top, the lone person behind the scenes, but without these fantastic people I work with, nothing will materialize.

Considering all that  I had to go through to set this school up, I am happy now that ACE is heading to the right place. And as I mentioned previously, I am not making a very big school. I am making a school  that will soon serve as the standard of other language schools in the Philippines.

And with all these results we have been producing, it is clear that we have started raising the bar.

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