The Unreasonable Evaluator

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I talked to an evaluator of one language school. She's the one who interviews applicants and after the applicant's demo class, she decides whether that applicant shoul be hired or not. The evaluator rejected an applicant with 14 years of experience in the ESL industry, and the applicant was herself a trainer in the very first man to man language school for Japanese professionals in the Philippines.

I asked her why she rejected the applicant.

She said that the applicant corrected the student's pronunciation. According to the evaluator, it seemed that the applicant could not stand the wrong pronunciation of the student that's why she, the applicant, kept on asking the student to produce the right sound.

I asked the evaluator why it was wrong for the applicant to correct the student's pronunciation. She said that it's innate for Japanese students to talk that way. Instead, the applicant should just have let the student talk.

Really?! Seriously, Ms. Evaluator?!

My arguments:

If it's not okay for a teacher to correct the student's mistake in the basic sounds, then of what good is paying the school a lot of money? If the school's policy is just to let the students talk their own way, then why, in the first place, would a student want to enroll in an English language school?

The student will learn new words. Fine. He may even learn new ways to express an idea. Fine. But, if the student talks and no one can  understand what he is talking about because of his bad accent and pronunciation, then of what use are the new words and expressions?












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