Why Do Many Students Get Frustrated Learning ESL? - Part 2

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Yes, sadly, many students get frustrated learning ESL. The good news is that, they just get frustrated sometimes, but they never give up.

This, I think, is connected somehow to the culture.

The Philippines was a colony of the United States for 50 years. For us, English  is not just a foreign languge; it's a second language. And because it's a second language, we don't scrutinize its structure, we don't dissect the functions of each word in a sentence. We hear it, we speak it,  we feel it, we absorb it, we accept it, we use it.

I think the difference lies in here. For other learners of English, English is a language whose structure they need to dissect. Unless they dissect the functions of each part of speech in the sentence, they won't understand what a sentence means.

This brings me to my point that:

When learning a language, just dive into it.  Don't mind the structure just yet; understanding the grammatical rules of a language will come naturally as  you learn to speak the language more.

Enjoy learning English. Don't make it complicated.


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