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What makes a branded item expensive?   We know it. It’s the brand. The name. But, does a brand guarantee a good quality? Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Photo credit: freepik  REALISTICALLY... Let’s be realistic. A lot of procedures are involved in creating a piece of branded clothing. The companies have to pay the workers, from the cutter to the pattern maker.  Not to be forgotten are the fees of the models who wear those clothes on the runway, or those models whose flawless-looking faces are magnified a thousand times on billboards, promoting the same branded items. And finally, with all the costs of production taken into account, the companies determine the price for each item.  The price then is shouldered by the consumers who are willing to pay a big amount of money for a piece of clothing that is either too plain-looking but branded, or fantastic-looking but impractical.   Photo credit: freepik BEAUTIFUL BUT AFFORDABLE AND PRACTICAL O


What comes to many people’s minds when they read or hear the words “fashion blogger”? Probably, they imagine a woman with cosmopolitan good looks, a woman who seems to have gotten out directly from a page of a glossy magazine. Photo credit: freepik  Just like all other women in the world, I am beautiful in my own right. But as far as the standards of fashion modeling are concerned, I can't be a fashion model material. Therefore, this post is not about modeling.  It’s not about how to give tutorials on how to dress up.  MY OBSERVATIONS: * Most fashion blogs feature fashion clothes that are branded and cost an arm and a leg. * Most fashion shows feature our sisters, the women who, with all those long limbs striding gracefully in the runway, are likened to long-stemmed roses cultivated in greenhouses, or the tulips growing in well-maintained flower farms. * Most fashion designers come up with designs that are not practical for the "average&

The Magic of High Heels

Photo credit: freepik  Photo credit: freepik Hello there, my sisters! Do you remember the time you wore high heels? How old were you at that time?  My fascination with high heels started when I was three years old. Nobody in the family owned a pair, and I learned about high heels only by looking at those long legged women in magazines modelling cars. Those days, there were no high heels for little girls. I badly wanted to know the “feel” of wearing high heels but I did not know how.  That Aha! moment came when I saw avocado seeds that my father intended to plant in his mini-orchard. I just needed two of them.  I inserted an avocado seed in each flip flop. You imagine it right---the insole of the flip-flops, the avocado seed, and the sole of my foot. With the avocado seeds making standing up inconvenient, I had to tiptoe to maintain balance. That was the effect I needed. Presto! I was walking in my improvised high heels! Do you think it is


                                                                  Sometimes, it is difficult to understand life, as these following short stories show. In May 2018, a guy I had known for three years proposed marriage to me. I said yes half-heartedly. I was not that into him at that time. In June, we broke the engagement off. After a day, I realized I liked him and I wanted to spend forever with him. For one month, I did my best to win him back but all my efforts were futile. Oh…how I cried.  My Japanese friend stayed in the Philippines, albeit in a city 5 hours away from where I live. She really wanted to visit me down here but at that time, I was working from 7:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. I also worked on weekends. Now, I work only part time. I have much time in my hands. My Japanese friend can’t visit me, however. She went back to Japan a week ago. I started this blog in 2012. At that time, I was not so serious about blogging as I had many other things