What makes a branded item expensive? We know it. It’s the brand. The name. But, does a brand guarantee a good quality? Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t.

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Let’s be realistic. A lot of procedures are involved in creating a piece of branded clothing. The companies have to pay the workers, from the cutter to the pattern maker.  Not to be forgotten are the fees of the models who wear those clothes on the runway, or those models whose flawless-looking faces are magnified a thousand times on billboards, promoting the same branded items. And finally, with all the costs of production taken into account, the companies determine the price for each item.  The price then is shouldered by the consumers who are willing to pay a big amount of money for a piece of clothing that is either too plain-looking but branded, or fantastic-looking but impractical.  

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Obviously, this fashion blog does not aim to promote particular clothing brands. This page aims to review the clothes that each awesome woman wears, with the hope that someday, maybe months or years or even decades from now, the Victoria Beckhams of the world will stumble upon this humble blog and hopefully, they will also design clothes with the women like me, like us,  in mind.  (Oh, me and my lofty ambitions. I think I am not yet fully awake; more coffee please.) 

The clothes that will be featured here are not at all branded but this does not mean that they are of low quality. In some cases, I honestly believe that their designs are even better than those of the branded items. I am going to share with you the story behind each dress that I have. Someday, I hope to  hear about your dresses and your stories, too.  The dresses are pretty but affordable AND their designs do not interfere with the activities of a woman on the go. 

I mentioned it before and I mention it again---each woman wants to present the best version of herself no matter what the situation is. This blog aims to empower women who remain beautiful and strong despite having to deal with perplexing circumstances every day. 


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