The Magic of High Heels

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Hello there, my sisters! Do you remember the time you wore high heels? How old were you at that time? 

My fascination with high heels started when I was three years old. Nobody in the family owned a pair, and I learned about high heels only by looking at those long legged women in magazines modelling cars. Those days, there were no high heels for little girls.
I badly wanted to know the “feel” of wearing high heels but I did not know how. 

That Aha! moment came when I saw avocado seeds that my father intended to plant in his mini-orchard. I just needed two of them. 

I inserted an avocado seed in each flip flop. You imagine it right---the insole of the flip-flops, the avocado seed, and the sole of my foot. With the avocado seeds making standing up inconvenient, I had to tiptoe to maintain balance. That was the effect I needed. Presto! I was walking in my improvised high heels!

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Do you think it is possible to laugh to the point of asphyxiation while being very furious at the same time? Well, it's very possible because that's what happened to my mother when she saw my "high heels". 

When I was about 10 years old, my eldest sister came back home from the big city. She had with her several pairs. The following day, I went to school wearing one of those pairs. 

In my latest full time job, a part of my job description was to interview male and female applicants for different positions.  Sometimes my work was overwhelming as I had to  teach students ESL and academic subjects. I also had to take care of my boss who had his own needs because I was also his personal assistant. Talk about multitasking. Many times I felt worn out but thanks to my high heels, I never felt ugly or shabby. Of course, the high heeled shoes were just a part of the total getup, but they indeed played an important role in my life at that time. 

Now, I work only part time and my job description is limited only to teaching. I don’t need to wear heels and dresses for now but definitely, I will be wearing them again soon.

How about you? What’s your high heels story? 


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