My Ever Bilena Concealer Journey

Photo taken by: Agatha Maruyama 

When the beautiful Catriona Gray of the Philippines was announced the winner in the recently concluded Miss Universe beauty pageant, I was, of course, ecstatic. I suddenly recalled that she also joined Miss World in 2016 and she placed Top 5. Aside from that, I had little information about this young lady so I decided to do a little research.

On YouTube, I watched the Binibining Pilipinas Competition (Search for Miss Philippines) which was held on March 18,  2018.  Even during the prelims, she was already a clear favourite. She bagged 7 special awards that night including Miss Ever Bilena Cosmetics Award. EVER BILENA. Seriously?

This took me back to many years ago when I was a struggling 20 something woman, a newbie in the corporate world. 

I was putting my makeup on in my cubicle when one sales supervisor saw me. She immediately took a peek in my small makeup bag. I had everything she mentioned—mascara, blusher, eyeshadows makeup, and compact face powder, all from Ever Bilena. She started applying my cosmetics on her face.

Next, she made a dramatic announcement. 

"Look, I am wearing Liz’s makeup.”  And came the "oohs" and "wows."

“It’s pretty. What brand is it?”

“Ever Bilena lang.”

Lang is a Filipino word which literally means "only". But, depending on the context, "lang" can be used to demean something or someone. In the statement of the sales supervisor, she was clearly belittling my choice of makeup. This was confirmed when another woman said, "It's not bad considering that it's a cheap brand." And then they went on showing one another their own pricey makeup pieces, the imported ones, the ones that come in glitzy boxes, the ones that are sold in big, big shopping malls. I got my Ever Bilena from a very small mall nearby. 

I pretended not to get hurt by their comments.

Fast forward many years later. 

I had been an Ever Bilena concealer user for many years before I decided to try the products of other beauty companies, the ones endorsed by supermodels.  Imagine how happy I was when, upon arriving home, I hurriedly and excitedly opened the beautiful little box containing the concealer I bought from a globally known brand. After washing my face thoroughly, I applied the concealer evenly on my face.  I could not get the effect I wanted. It could not hide the blemishes I wanted to conceal. And so, I kept on applying some more... and some more... and still some  more.  The concealer cream got thicker and thicker on my face until my face became cakey. The concealer was on my face alright, but the blemishes were as visible as ever.  The following day, I again went to a beauty shop to buy another concealer from another popular brand. Again, the concealer cream just literally piled up and piled up on my face while failing to fulfil its job---to conceal the blemishes. I was  disappointed with all the disappointment that I was capable of. 

I concluded that I would stick to Ever Bilena concealer.  I reasoned that the brand may not be as recognized as its foreign counterparts but anyway, it offered the best beauty products in my opinion. 

Now, going back to Catriona Gray and the Binibining Pilipinas. 

I was pleasantly surprised when it was announced that Ever Bilena was the official makeup provider for the Miss Philippines candidates. It also gave the winner of Miss Ever Bilena, Catriona Gray, P50,000.00 in cash and P50,000.00 worth of makeup items.  Surely, the Binibining Pilipinas organization would not allow Ever Bilena to be its official makeup provider if the organization did not believe in the quality of the beauty products. 

I started using Ever Bilena products when the beauty company was still relatively unknown. I am happy to know that Ever Bilena Company has grown to such extent that it has become the official makeup provider of the lovely Binibini candidates.

Ever Bilena concealer effectively hides the freckles and other blemishes on my face without the sticky feeling, the oily feeling, and the strange smell—three annoying characteristics of the branded concealers I tried years earlier. I use the Ever Bilena Crème Shade because it matches my skin tone.

When I started using Ever Bilena concealer, one tube was priced at P160.00 and it did not come in a box.  It was just wrapped in clear plastic. Now, it’s priced at P220.00 and it now comes in a box.  It is still much affordable than its foreign counterparts…not to mention that it is more effective.

Aside from the concealer, I also use their eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow makeup, and blushers. Maybe I will try other blushers and eyebrow pencils in the future but I will always, always use Ever Bilena concealer.

I smiled as I watched the beautiful Catriona Gray receive her awards from the beauty company. When I decided to stick to Ever Bilena products many years ago, I knew I made the right choice.

I can say that I had my own Ever Bilena journey.


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