Masks (MUZ, Premium Gold Sheet)

Photo taken by: Ica Gonzales 

I am wearing a mask that promises glowing skin in just one sheet. It’s Muz Premium Gold Sheet Mask and it’s Whitening + Anti-aging. I bought this in the Korean store near my office.  It is my VERY first time to use a mask.

Now, I’m not even sure if I am wearing it correctly. You see, one side of this mask is white and the other side is gold. I decided that the gold color is just a design or decoration of the mask, so the white side should be touching my skin. I hope I’m right. I’m sure there are instructions written somewhere in the pack but I’m too lazy and sleepy now to even look for them, let alone read them. 

And because the “gold side” is the exposed side, my face looks like that of the Oscar Awards statue.
Well, I’ll see what effect this has on my skin. I’ll be giving updates as soon as I can.


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