A Smile Made Prettier

My student entered my room and she flashed her cheerful, pretty smile as usual. I noticed the subtle color on her lips right away.

“Good evening young lady, first of all, I would like you to know that I like your lip gloss. What brand is it?”

She eagerly showed me her Maybelline Baby Lips Color. 

“This comes in many different shades, Teacher.”

“Awww…but it’s Maybelline. Isn’t it expensive?”

“No, it’s not. Don’t you know this? This has always been very popular among young girls. Many girls my age even give this as a gift to other girls.”

“Sorry, I did not know it.”

Talk about generation gap.

I made a vow to buy my own Maybelline Lip Gloss the very next weekend.

Now, why would a middle-aged woman want to use Baby Lips Lip Gloss?


First, due to my coffee intake, my body is acidic. Lipstick does not stay long on my lips (unless it’s Hera lipstick.) Second, I find it bothersome to use lipstick because whenever I retouch, I need a mirror. I am always on the go and there’s no way for me to be checking my reflection on the mirror again and again to check if there’s lipstick stain on my teeth. As for the lip gloss, I can just put lip gloss on anytime I deem it necessary without having to worry about the lipstick stain on my lips and my teeth. It seems that the tip of the lip gloss knows how to spread itself to my lips. I just swipe on the lip gloss this way: from the upper left corner to the upper right corner of my lips and vice versa, from the lower left corner  to the lower right corner of my lips and vice versa. That's it. Only four strokes. I can even do that while walking. 

Indeed, there were some shades to choose from. And so on the day that I decided to buy Maybelline Lip Gloss,  I chose the following shades.

Maybelline Cherry Kiss

I like this shade because it's not so bright on my lips. I especially like wearing it when I run errands. 

Maybelline Pink Lolita 
My absolute favorite. I like it because it's very light pink and it smells so sweet.

Maybelline Mixed Berry 

This doesn't have any color at all, but why do I love it? I live in a tropical country and often,  my lips feel dry. On those days,  I just swipe this on my lips again and again and again. I get the same smooth, soft feeling on my lips minus the color, but my lips shimmer and they look fuller. Amazing. 

There are othe shades. I once tried the Berry Crush. Of course, it also feels so soft and smooth on the lips but it's too red for me. I  have yet to try Coral Flush and Rose. 

Thanks to these wonderful products from Maybelline, and thanks to my cute Korean student, my smile became just a bit prettier. 


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