Hydrating Lotion---A Gift From My Niece

Picture taken by: Agatha Maruyama 

In January 2017, while I was going on with my life in the academy as usual, my niece surprised me with her visit. She explained that she was going to the USA the following day and that she came to my workplace to give me some gifts. She is the same niece I sent to school and took care of for 9 years until she became a licensed teacher. Due to many reasons, after she got her license, she went to live with her older sister in a place which is 3 hours away from my own place.

Well anyway… we exchanged pleasantries and when she went away, I checked the small bag she left. In it were some chips, a small envelope that contained P1,000.00, and a bottle of hand  and body lotion. Myra VitaSmooth Hydrating Hand and Body Lotion. I’m sure that my niece chose this brand because its color is a variant of pink, or red. She knows that I never outgrew my love for pink.  I had always seen this on display in department stores but I never paid any attention to it because I was using a very popular brand and I was quite satisfied with it. I started using this gift just the same.

One thing I noticed right away is its rich moisture content. This is not to put other cream in bad light but… most of the other brands that I have used have this sticky, greasy feeling that makes me feel hot—and I mean the temperature, not the allure. Hahaha. And, I can see the lotion on my skin even minutes after I apply it. It means, the lotion is not absorbed by my skin. Whatever moisture it has evaporates and only the sticky white substance is left on my skin, making me feeling oily and dirty.  MYRA IS DIFFERENT. I can feel that it indeed hydrates my skin, the way you feel that your thirst is quenched after you drink cold water.

To lock in moisture even more, I spread this lotion on my skin right after I take a shower.

I appreciate my niece’s little farewell gift, mainly because she accidentally promoted this wonderful hydrating lotion to me.


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