IN - (Preposition)

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This part discusses the preposition IN. The words that go with this prepositions are not always VERBS. Some of them are NOUNS, and some of them are Participial Adjectives. These will be discussed in another post. For now, let's just concentrate on the words that usually go with this preposition. 

Disclaimer: My list MAY NOT BE complete. These are the words that I usually encounter when I read books, magazines, etc.

My niece, who is based in Daly City, regularly sends me Folgers Coffee.

I believe in your ability to overcome anything that prevents you from achieving your goals.
You've been  hurt so many times. Do you still believe in love?

There are some people who delight in talking about other people's personal lives.


My brother was employed in a construction company before he worked as a teacher.

The two men were engaged in a fistfight.  Fortunately, the security guards arrived before any of them could get seriously hurt.

Do you have any experience in direct selling?
(Note: The word experience in this sentence functions as a noun.)

I failed in my Math exam, as usual.
The men failed in their attempt to break into the bank.

Could you please help me in securing a US visa? I don't know what the requirements are.

She ordered an extra cup of rice? Hmm... please include it in my bill. Don't charge her for it.

I have no interest in politics. That's not my cup of tea. I am interested in beauty pageants.

I don't buy expensive tank tops but I always invest in branded shoes.

One popular singer was involved in a money-laundering scandal.

If you persist in pulling your little sister's hair, I will make you face the wall for one hour.

When Yuzuru Hanyu won his second Olympic gold medal in Pyeongchang, his friends and family were there to share in his success.

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