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NOUN- Basic Explanation (名詞の基本的な説明)

Photo credit: Freepik  Let’s start from the very basic.  For now, let's define Noun this way. We will discuss the more complex forms of nouns and all the other parts of speech as we go along. A NOUN is the name of a person, place, or thing.   Examples: Person: Doctor, cleaner, policeman, mother, Mr. Yamamoto Place: Park, mall, Las Vegas, South Africa Things Pen, laptop To be more accurate, let’s establish that there are two kinds of nouns, which are the Common Noun and the Proper Noun. Common noun is the name of an entire group of people, things, or places. A Proper Noun is the exact name of a thing, a place or a person. Examples: Common Noun                                 Proper Noun Singer                                                 Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Calum Scott Dancer                                                Namuro Amie      Philosopher                                        Plato, Socrates

The Classification of Words- An Introduction (英語の単語の分類)

In this blog series, we will discuss the eight major classifications of words in the English language. These classifications are: Nouns Pronouns Verbs Adjectives Adverbs  Prepositions Conjunctions Interjections Of course, we are going to start with Noun first. Noun also has many classifications. Many ESL students think that Nouns are just names of people, places, animals, and things. No, Noun is not always defined that way. Join me as we explore the many exciting lessons about the English language. Japanese Translation:   Translation: Google Translate  このブログシリーズでは、英語の単語の8つの主要な分類について説明します。これらの分類は次のとおりです。 名詞 代名詞 動詞 形容詞 副詞 前置詞 接続詞 間投詞 もちろん、最初に名詞から始めます。名詞にも多くの分類があります。多くのESLの学生は、名詞は単に人、場所、動物、および物の名前であると考えています。いいえ、名詞は常にそのように定義されているわけではありません。 私たちと一緒に、英語に関する多くの刺激的なレッスンを探ってください。

Life in The Middle of The Pandemic (グーグル翻訳による日本語翻訳付き)By:Google Translate

Photo credit: Freepik  Not so long ago, I went out of our gated subdivision to withdraw some of my hard-earned money. I needed to pay my house rent. This was when the National Capital Region (Metro Manila) was still under the Enhanced Community Quarantine caused   by the deadly Coronavirus- Covid-19. Under the Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ, only one person from one household could go out in order to buy essentials or run errands.   I walked leisurely on the deserted road to the bank, under the leafy acacia trees. It was early in the morning and I wanted to get some much-needed sunlight. Everything looked gloomy. The once busy street outside our subdivision was now almost deserted. At one point, I stood at a corner and for a while I watched the few people going by. All were in a hurry to reach their destinations. On strategic locations were some policemen and policewomen who were alertly watching the people hurrying by, making sure that each person had a mask or