Some Anecdotes Again

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When students finally learn to communicate in English, their personalities start to show.  

These anecdotes both involve young students who knew only some basic English words when they came to my class.

Anecdote Number 1

I am one of those few women whom nature played with. I look pretty when my hair is down.  When I put my hair up, my face still looks the same, but it doesn’t look as good as when my hair is down. The students did not know this until that day when I tied my hair in a bun because I did not want it to get in the way of my task.

Student (Twelve-year-old boy): Teacher…
Me: Yes…?
Student: I think… one half of you… is your hair…

Anecdote Number 2

I was having my stupidest moment.

Me: That dog is ugly.
Student (Nine-year old girl): No, Teacher…that dog is not ugly… it’s special…

One of the joys of an ESL teacher is seeing their students progress--it's like watching a seed sprout, grow leaves, and finally produce fruits. Teaching, indeed is a a noble profession.

Anecdote Number 3
This one's savage.

After one week, my female student, in her early 20s, could finally construct her own English phrases. And so she did not waste any opportunity to use her newly-learned skills against me. Hahahahaha.

Student: You...Teacher...don't know anything. You know...only English and..   (exaggeratedly touching her face and hair) "I'm pretty, I'm beautiful..." 


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