Covid-19 and Diet

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I really love it when students finally learn to speak in the language they are learning. As the language barrier starts to break, their personalities start to show.

Student: Teacher, Coronavirus is bad… I can’t go out! I became fat! I eat, I eat, I watch TV, I play cellphone games, I eat! I don’t go to school, I don’t meet my friends! I want to diet!

Me: No, I don't think you are fat. But, if you think you will feel better if you lose a little  weight, then go for it. 

After a week…


Me: Hi (Her name), how’s your diet?

Student: I did not do it. It’s difficult.


After another week:

Me: So how’s your diet?

Student: Ah, no… I did not do it… in the world, there are many delicious foods!

After another week

Me: How’s your diet?

Student: Ah, no… nothing. Tomorrow, I will start…

I laughed hard. I myself have been planning to exercise and go on a diet since 2010, but I always say "Tomorrow, I will start..." 

Again, after another week..

Me: How's your diet? 

Student: My brain says, "Diet! Diet!" But, my mouth says, "Eat! Eat!" Oh my god, it's strange!

We can all relate to you, Baby Girl. Hahaha



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