How I've Been Coping with The Lockdown/グーグル翻訳による日本語翻訳付き (With Japanese Translation by Google Translate)


It’s been a year since the pandemic started.

When the government of my country declared a total lockdown in March, I said to myself, “Okay, here’s another valid reason for me not to go out.”  I think I have always been a city hermit, if there’s such a thing. Even before the pandemic started, I would go out only when I needed to buy some essentials. Occasionally, I would stay in Starbucks or McDonald’s reading a book or writing a blog post while sipping coffee. And even before the pandemic, I had been wearing a face mask for a while because I have smoke/dust allergies.  So when the lockdown started, I thought I would not be mentally nor emotionally affected. I was very wrong.

A few weeks into the lockdown, I felt uneasy. Maybe it’s because I knew that in many parts of the country, there were many people struggling to get by. Those are the people euphemistically called “people living in the fringes of the society”.  Every day I would see poignant pictures posted on social media. One was that of an old man sitting on one side of the pavement, his two containers of taho in front of him, waiting for the buyers that never came.  In front of him was just the long stretch of a desolate road.

Sometimes I would long for those days when I would just hop on a bus and go anywhere on weekends. But after a while, I would feel really bad for wanting to have a random travel when, in many parts of the country, many people were going hungry. I felt even worse because I could not do anything to alleviate their suffering. When the lockdown eased a bit, and when sidewalk vendors could start peddling on the roads again (albeit socially distanced), I made it a point to buy any item from each vendor and if my change was P5.00 or lower, I would just tell the vendor, “It’s okay, no need to give me my change.” I am just a little luckier than they are because I happen to have a home-based job, and this makes me just an inch above the “fringes of the society”. Surprisingly, even this made me feel bad. It was then that I realized I was suffering from “lockdown fatigue”.

And then it struck me suddenly. I thought it would be nice to surround my already cramped workplace/bedroom/living room/library with lots of greens. And so after my simple breakfast of garlic rice, salted eggs, and tomatoes, I went foraging. I started at the garden of my house owner. I did not spare the garden of my neighbour/friend. Now, my place looks like this:


We are all under the same pandemic now, and we all respond to it differently. The lovely green things in my small space do not, in any way, solve the current situation but somehow, they are soothing to my eyes. I look at them from time to time, whenever I need a break from my work. I touch their delicate leaves and admire their intricate designs.

And in the morning, when I drink my usual cup of steaming black coffee, I look at them and say, “Ah, this, too, shall pass…”

How about you? How have you been coping the lockdown and pandemic? 

Japanese Translation by: Google Translate



封鎖の数週間後、私は不安を感じました。国の多くの地域で、通り抜けるのに苦労している人がたくさんいることを私が知っていたからかもしれません。それらは、叙事詩的に「社会の周辺に住む人々」と呼ばれる人々です。ソーシャルメディアに投稿された感動的な写真を毎日目にしました。 1つは、舗装の片側に座っている老人の2つのコンテナで、彼の前に2つのタホのコンテナがあり、来ないバイヤーを待っていました。彼の前には荒涼とした道が長く続いていた。








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