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Verbs-Part 2: The Forms of Verbs and Kinds of Sentences

  The Tenses of Verbs There are three main tenses of verbs—the Present Simple , the Past Simple , and the Present Perfect .   In the Present Simple , we use the Base Form of the Verb. In the Past Simple , of course, we use the Past form of the Verb, and in the Present Perfect , we use the Past Participle Form of the verb.   Present Simple: Jack cleans the room every day. The verb cleans is in the base form. Jack is not cleaning the room right now, but anyway, Jack cleans the room regularly; Jack cleans it every day.   If an action is a regular action, or if it is a fact, if it is a schedule, we use the Present Simple Sentence, and the verb is in the Base Form.   More examples: Jack goes to the grocery store every morning. He reads a book every night. Jenny loves snow.   How do we ask and answer questions in the Present Simple Form? Take a look at the following examples.   Anne: Does Jack go to the grocery store every morning? Jane: Yes, Jack goes to the gr

Verbs- Part 1: The Irregular Verbs

Simply put, verbs are action words. But, they are not just action words. Verbs come in three tenses, and these tenses tell us what happens, what happenede, and what has happened. Truly, if we can manage our verbs well, most of our problems in English will be solved. A sentence can be a sentence without indicating the subject, but a sentence can never be a sentence without a verb. Verbs are categorized into two kinds; the Regular Verbs and the Irregular Verbs.   Regular Verbs are the verbs that form their past tense and past participle simply by adding –ed or –d.   Examples:   Base Form                  Past Form                   Past Participle Play                             played                         played   I play soccer every day . I played soccer yesterday. I’m so sweaty; I have just played soccer.   Clean                           cleaned                        cleaned The boy cleans his playroom every Saturday . He cleaned his playroom