Confusing Irregular Verbs

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Some verbs do not change their spelling and pronunciation even when they are in the Past and Participle forms. 

Base Form                   Past Simple                 Present Participle


Bet                              bet                              bet

Broadcast                   broadcast                   broadcast

Burst                           burst                           burst

Cast                             cast                             cast

Cost                             cost                             cost

Cut                              cut                               cut

Fit                                fit                                fit

Forecast                      forecast                       forecast

Hit                               hit                               hit

Hurt                            hurt                             hurt

Knit                             knit                             knit

Let                               let                               let

Put                               put                              put

Quit                             quit                             quit

Set                               set                               set

Shed                            shed                            shed

Shut                            shut                             shut


 Base Form                   Past Simple                 Past Parcitiple



Base Form                   Past Simple                 Past Parcitiple


Bend                           bound                            bound

Cling                            clung                           clung

Lay                               laid                              laid

Lie                               lay                               lain

Light                            lit                                 lit

Saw*                           sawed                          sawn/sawed

Sew                             sewed                         sewn/also: sewed


For ESL students: 

*This LIE is NOT the same lie that means not to tell the truth. This LIE means to rest in a horizontal position. 

**This SAW is NOT the past tense of the verb SEE. This SAW means “to cut a piece of wood or a tree using a special tool, which is also called SAW. ^^





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