Verbs with Verb-ing, Gerunds (With Japanese translation)


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There are some verbs that automatically go with the Verb-ing. There is a complicated rule about Gerunds, but for now, let’s not focus too much on the rule. Let’s just remember these words and practice the given examples.

The best way to learn English as a second language is NOT to focus too much on the technicalities. A child learns a language by repeating the spoken words. A child does not dissect the sentence he/she hears from the adults; he/she just repeats them, and eventually, he/she understands what they mean.

Here are some of the words that are automatically followed by a Verb-ing, alphabetically arranged.


The little boy admitted breaking the cookie jar. He further explained that it was an accident.


I avoid traveling in summer. There are a lot of local and foreign tourists everywhere in summer and for me, this is inconvenient.


Have you ever considered coloring your hair blue?


His mother delayed sending the money to him as his punishment. He did not get a perfect score in his last exam.


The girl firmly denied dating another man when her boyfriend was deployed in Iraq.


I did not finish answering all of those questions. I’m sure my score is low.


I always imagine meeting my soulmate at a coffee shop.


Of course, learning a new language involves memorizing new words in the target language.


I can’t travel because of the pandemic. I definitely miss traveling. I miss meeting new friends.


Because of this pandemic, I have to postpone visiting my friends in Japan.


I always practice playing the piano.


My father quit smoking when he was 47 years old.


I don’t want to risk burning my finger again, so I used a ladle with a long handle when I fried fish.


I have to stop watching YouTube videos while eating my meals. It makes my desk dirty.

There are also phrasal verbs that are automatically followed by a Verb-ing.

Phrasal verbs

Give up

I will never give up making YouTube videos about English grammar.

Put off

I have to put off traveling for an indefinite period of time because of the coronavirus.

Go on

Just go on polishing the floor until it looks immaculately clean.

 Keep on

My little nephew kept on interrupting me when I was having an online class. 

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