Concealer and Stick Face Foundation


This beauty, Ever Bilena Concealer, surely has come a long, long way. I remember using this for the first time circa 2008. It came in a transparent plastic cover. The moment I used it, I knew that we would be together forever.

Fast forward to a decade later and I was delightfully surprised when I saw it, right there on the shelf, with its new box.

I tried brands that are internationally popular, but sadly, they did not provide the clean and natural effect they promise. I love this brand because it flawlessly covers my blemishes. It doesn’t make my skin feel itchy or cakey. It’s just, just like how my skin is just there. Hahaha. This comes in three shades---Creme, Miel, and Beige. I use Creme,  the one that matches my skin tone the most.

I recommend this concealer to all the ladies who are always on the go. ^^


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