Lip and Cheek Stain--My Lovely Beauty Item



This is another beautiful Ever Bilena product which I would like to share to you all. I wanted to buy lipstick but again, this was recommended by the lady at the store.

Before that time, the only product I used for my lips was Maybelline Pink Lolita Lip Gloss. When I started making videos for my channel, however, I noticed that my lips look paler than they really are. (I am using the free plan of Clipchamp, there’s not much I can do about the colors of the images; hence, I have no special filters nor do I have special color combinations for my YouTube channel. What you see is what you get. Hahaha! ^___^ )

Anyway, going back to the lip tint…

I decided to buy it just the same because it was on sale also, for the same amount, P38.00, roughly 0.79 US Dollars.

When I got home from the store, I immediately took a shower (for the second time that day) and tried this product on my lips. It felt a little sticky, and there was a mild fruity scent. Due probably to my lack of experience in applying liquid lip tint, the color was smudged. No problem though, I easily solved this by wiping some Kleenex around my lips.

I was not particularly comfortable with the little (very little) sticky feeling, but this lip tint gives the color that I need for my lips. I mentioned earlier that in my YouTube channel, my lips look paler than they really are, so I decided to buy this tint to add vividness to my face somehow.  

I then applied some Maybelline on my lips as the base/foundation and applied this lovely tint after. It did not feel sticky anymore, and I got the color I wanted for my lips, and I super loved the result. I realized at that moment that this lip tint is the newest item in my simple beauty kit. I definitely made the right decision when I bought it. ^^ 



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