Green Cross Alcohol with Moisturizer


Long, long time ago, when this pesky Covid-19 still belonged to the super distant future, I was already collecting alcohol and disinfectants. I would happily spray alcohol on the doorknobs, on the table, on the kitchen counter, and just anywhere. I would collect bottles and bottles of alcohol in different sizes.

My family and I, by the way, have this strange habit of buying the items that we love in big quantities and just store them somewhere in our small house. My niece collects toilet paper, my sister and mother collect pans, pots, spoons, and other utensils, another sister collects different kinds of chips and keeps them under her bed, etc. etc. etc.)

A few days before my place, Metro Manila, was put on lockdown, hundreds of people flocked to grocery stores and drug stores to buy disinfectants and alcohol. I did not. I had enough supply. Haha.

No doubt, all kinds of alcohol out there are effective germ-killers, but Green Cross Alcohol has always been my preferred brand. It has moisturizer, and I simply love the smell. Other brands have such strong smell that they kill not only the germs but my sense of smell as well.

The picture below is my makeshift art studio. Look at the bottles of alcohol on the far end of my small table. This table, by the way, is my dining table during meal times, my art studio/table during rainy days, and just-anything-is-placed-on-it table on most days.

I have a small, cute, pink dispenser which I refill with Green Cross Alcohol and carry in my pocket anywhere I go. This actually fits the lifestyle of people just like me, the people on the go. ^^ 


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