Safeguard the Family!


It's pink! 

This bath soap is very much a part of my childhood. Growing up, I remember my mother buying some equally popular bath soaps for us to try, but eventually, she chose  Safeguard for all of us. She would buy the beige one, for she said it was the “hardest” and thus it would take a long time to use. With a lot of people in the family, her choice was logical (although it remains unproven, down to these days, if beige is really the hardest among all the Safeguard variants. Or maybe, it was just her imagination at work.)

I still use Safeguard. I like the pink one because it’s pink, that’s all. I also think it’s the sweetest-smelling of all, because it’s pink.

Someday, if I get a husband and kids or even a kid, I would pass this Safeguard (sort of) tradition to them as well. ^_^ 


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