Throw to or Throw at? Why Are The Prepositions Different?

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Throw to or Throw at? Why Are The Prepositions Different?

These two phrasal verbs are not the same.

We throw something TO someone when we want that someone to catch something. Example, if I throw the ball to Jack, I want Jack to catch the ball. I’m quite far from Jack that’s why I throw the ball to him.

When we throw something AT someone, it means we want to hit the person with the thing that we are holding. For example, if your friend says that you are fat, you might want to throw your pen at him/her.

Watch the video below for more information. Thanks, have a wonderful day! ^_^

Japanese Translation by Google Translate: 





詳細については、以下のビデオをご覧ください。ありがとう、素晴らしい一日を! ^ _ ^


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