Ever Bilena Liquid Concealer


my new beauty essential 

I have a new beauty essential.

I’ve always used Ever Bilena Stick Concealer; I mentioned quite a few times that it’s the best I’ve ever used. I find it even better than the super pricey international brands. When I went out shopping for some more Ever Bilena Stick Concealer, I found this newly released beauty, Ever Bilena Liquid Foundation. It comes in many shades (but I don’t know the rest, sorry, I am not being helpful..hahaha). I chose the Porcelain Shade because it’s the shade that matches my skin complexion.

It says:

*Lasts up to 15 hours- (It’s oh so true!)

*Lightweight (I barely feel it’s there!)


skin (It completely covers my blemishes!)

Let’s all try this!


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