My Typhoon and Blackout Essentials


my Toshiba flashlight 

Sperma candles, Royal matchsticks 

Typhoons and blackouts are a common occurrence in my country. And at those times, it’s necessary to have an emergency light. Some of the people I know prepare rechargeable emergency lamps. I don’t. What if the blackout goes on for, let’s say, three days or more? How can they recharge the emergency lamp? For me, it makes no sense to prepare for the blackout yet the device they use depends on electricity. Well, to each his own…

This is the reason why I just have my flashlight, candles, and matches with me.

When I showed my flashlight to my Japanese student, he said, “Oh, good. It’s Toshiba.” And only then did I realize that it’s Toshiba. I was (and of course I still am) happy because it's a Japan-made product; the high quality is guaranteed. Haha. It’s a small one, yes, but I live in a very small place which I call bedroom/office/arts studio/music room/library/dining area, so this small flashlight can light up every corner of my place. Plus, I don’t use this to illuminate my room for a long time. That’s what the candles are for.  I just use this flashlight when I have to look for something in the dark.

I don’t like typhoons. Nobody in his/her right mind does. But when they do occur, I have these simple things to rely on…for a time.


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