Oppo A54

This is the front part and that flower is from my own garden.

the box it came with 

The constant inclement weather made me want to buy a new phone and just install the necessary apps such as Grab, Lalamove, Toktok, and Food Panda Delivery.(Coincidentally, I also needed  G-Cash account.)  But, the phone I had was too slow to download those apps, so I thought of having a new one. I wanted a simple phone so I wanted to buy the most affordable but very functional phone that I could find. My brother advised me that it was more sensible to buy this phone, Oppo A54, because at that time, it was a new release and it had all the features I needed. That was in August 2021.

So here I am, with my Oppo A54.

Seriously, I don’t even know the different features of the different phones out there. I just need the basic functions—internet access and social media, first and foremost—plus calculator and flashlight. I’m not even sure if this one has got a flashlight. Haha.

Well… my computer technician friend who also to buys and sells mobile phones says that this one’s really good. My brother said the same thing. So, yeah… I believe this one is really a nice phone.  I don’t regret buying this Oppo A54. I will probably use this until the next decade. ^_^


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