Petroleum Jelly--And Oh! My Feet!


I like them so much that I bought three of them all at once. 

My feet have always been dry…even when I was little. I was born with this skin type. I once joked to an acquaintance, “If you don’t know the meaning of dry, look at my feet… that’s what being dry means.”

But of course… even though I embrace myself as I am, I always dreamed of having smoother, lovelier feet. That’s when I heard about Petroleum Jelly. After scrubbing my feet at night, I apply/spread this lovely product to my feet. And even when I go out, say, run errands, I apply it to my feet before I put my socks on. The results are amazing. My heels and soles became smoother, much smoother than they were. I enhance them by painting my toenails red or hot pink and presto… my feet!


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