Prepositions--Everybody's Best Friend (Eh?!)

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Here is a simple guide for prepositions.



 In August

In winter

In three days

In 2021

In the morning

In the afternoon

In the evening



At 7:00

At the beginning of the month

At the end of the month

At noon

At night

At midnight



On November 11 (This is my birthday, 11-11. Haha.)

On Friday

On Christmas Day



 In the world

In the city

In the room


At the intersection

At the station

At the bus stop

At 10 Roosevelt Avenue


On the table

On the first floor

On the wall


Other expressions using IN

In time

In place

In a campaign

In a sales event

In the sales department

In the coming year

In the future


Other expressions using AT

At once

At times

At least

At the latest

At regular intervals

At a good pace

At a high speed

At a low price

At 60 kilometers per hour

At your earliest convenience

At the rate of (plus number)

At the age of (plus age)

At one’s expense


Other expressions using ON

On time

On the waiting list

On a regular basis

On the recommendation of (plus person)

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