KAIZEN! ZEN RYO KU! (Continuous Improvement! In All Your Power!) Welcome, 2022!


The still image above is from a video I posted for ACERS Online School introduction in 2013.  The word Kaizen is on the wall behind. It was put there by one of my students at that time. 

Recently, I searched what Kaizen really means. The closest English translation is “continuous improvement”. Because of Kaizen principle, the Japanese are always on the cutting edge of technology and other things. I got so inspired by it that I even printed out the word Kaizen and posted it on my bedroom wall.

the kaizen word on my bedroom wall (sorry for the phone shadow, haha)

This calligraphy reads “ZenRyoKu”. It was given to me by one of my Japanese students, circa 2010. It is written (or painted?) on a piece of very thin, almost transparent piece of paper. The man was the chief electrical engineer of a globally known manufacturer of printers, photocopiers, cameras, and a lot more. 

the original calligraphy, written/painted on a piece of very thin, almost transparent piece of paper

the laminated photocopy, posted on my bedroom wall 

I learned long time ago that calligraphy is a special talent/skill, and calligraphy artists devote time and dedication to learn this lovely art.  With this in mind, I decided that the original should be kept at a safe place. With much care, I had it photocopied and laminated, and the calligraphy decorating my wall is the laminated photocopy. I also searched the meaning of ZenRyoKu. The closest English translation is “in all your power.” It means, when we seek to achieve something, like a goal or a dream, we should do everything in all our power to achieve that dream.

Those two former students influenced me positively. They went back to Japan long time ago, but we keep in touch from time to time, especially during holidays, for old times’ sake.

And so for this 2022, Kaizen and ZenRyoKu  will be my guiding words.

To welcome 2022, let's all proclaim: 

Kaizen! ZenRyoKu!



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