My HP Printer-Photocopier-Scanner


My HP Printer-Photocopier-Scanner


my printer-photocopier-scanner

the cartridge I bought at a computer shop long, long time ago

my friend could finally find one

This is one of my loyal companions. I bought this in 2011, and I’ve forgotten how much I bought it for. My techie friends laugh at it whenever they see it. In July 2021, a printer technician came here to fix it because it wasn’t printing out anything—it would just make a sound and spew out the blank paper. When the technician saw my printer, he told me to buy the latest printer right away. Anyway, he, the technician, found my four earrings inside the printer, the very earrings that I had been looking for for months! That was the reason why it stopped working. Other than that, there was—and there is—no problem at all.

Why do I like it? Because, as we call it in the Philippines, it’s three in one. It’s a printer, a photocopier, and a scanner at the same time. The photocopier is so good that you can’t distinguish a photocopied colored document from the original one.

The only inconvenient thing is that it has become difficult to find an ink cartridge for it. I went to a computer ink shop to buy one but they did not have the specific cartridge that I needed. I sent a message to a big company, known for its massive supply of anything related to computers and printers, but all I got from that company was an empty promise and a false hope.  I had to ask a computer technician friend to find one for me—and he, in turn, had to post an ad  on FB and tag all the groups of computer accessories sellers that he’s a member in. In less than an hour, he found one. He had to go to a place quite far from his home, pick the cartridge up, and deliver it to me. 

I don’t know the lifespan of this printer-photocopier-scanner, but for as long as it’s working, I won’t replace it—no matter how much my friends laugh at it. Hahaha.


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