My Very First Gaming Keyboard and Gaming Mouse


My Very First Gaming Keyboard and Gaming Mouse


The keyboard glows. Isn't it beautiful? 

My Inplay Keyboard...

...comes in a small box. 

This is my Inplay mouse... 

..and this is one of the many colors that it gives off. 

Don't you think this looks a bit scary? Hahaha!

My laptop keyboard got messed up; the keys were not working. Panic struck me and I sent a message to my computer technician friend to help me find a keyboard and a mouse. The following day, he came with the keyboard and the mouse. 

Upon paying for the items, I installed them—and I was pleasantly surprised because the mouse and the keyboard glow. The mouse, in particular, works like a neon light—it gives off a different color every two seconds.  It turns bright red, light red, bright pink, light pink, purple, green, blue-green, blue, light yellow-green. Hahaha! My friend told me that these are designed for gaming. 

Because of these, I am now inspired to learn some computer games. Mobile Legends? League of Legends? Axie  Infinity? Hmmm…


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