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Bound to, Bound for--Prepositions

  To inquire about my classes, or for a trial lesson, email me at   Prepositions are really tricky. Sadly, some people are quite confused when it comes to the proper use of Bound to and Bound For In this YouTube video, I explained, in a little more than two minutes, the big difference between the two. I also gave some example sentences that should not be too difficult to understand. We use Bound to + the base form of the verb.  We use Bound for + noun--either a place, or a state of being.  Watch the YouTube video for more explanations. Thanks, see you again next time!  JAPANESE TRANSLATION BY GOOGLE TRANSLATE 前置詞は本当にトリッキーです。 悲しいことに、BoundtoとBoundForの適切な使用に関しては、かなり混乱している人もいます。 このYouTubeビデオでは、2分強で2つの大きな違いを説明しました。 また、理解するのが難しくないはずの例文をいくつか挙げました。 +動詞の基本形にBoundを使用します。 +名詞には、場所または存在の状態のいずれかであるBoundを使用します。 詳細については、YouTubeビデオをご覧ください。ありがとう、またまた会いましょう!


me, drinking Bear Brand Sterilized at my desk, right after my class photo taken with my webcam (Those are my watercolor paintings behind me.)    My milk at my workplace, right on my desk  There are times when I am too busy, too sleepy, too tired, too weary to prepare dinner. There are even times when my fragile heart gets   smashed and picking the pieces up means I have to just cry silently, without any energy to get up and prepare dinner. Yes, there are nights when I just go to bed without getting a decent meal. And because of these reasons, I always keep at least three Tetra-Pak of Bear Brand sterilized full cream milk in my room. I would just consume one before I go to bed, and its nutrients are more than enough to power me up until the following morning, when I feel fresh and renewed, ready to face the day. I like this because it’s neither too sweet nor too creamy. There are some that are flavored, but I prefer this natural milk taste and smell. One thing I noticed about this m


  This is my friend’s story, and it’s also my story. Let’s call my friend Ms. A. One day, Ms. A was out of town on a business trip and from out of the blue, the filling in one of her anterior teeth got swollen and worse, it got so painful that she could not sleep the whole night. Going to the dentist right away was out of the question; she had no choice but to endure it. Her friend, Mr. E., told her to gargle with Bactidol. At 2:00 in the morning, they were out driving, hoping to find a 24/7 drugstore. Lo and Behold! They found Mercury Drug. Ms. A. said that at the exact moment she gargled Bactidol, her toothache stopped so suddenly that she thought it was a miracle. Ms. A, since then, had told her story to anyone who would care to listen, me included. I decided to try Bactidol as a mouthwash, not a cure for a toothache. (Ms. A’s problem with her anterior was fixed when she came back to the big city, by the way.) Now, I gargle with Bactidol Oral Antiseptic before I go to bed at

Le Minerale

No doubt—all drinking water brands in the market ARE GOOD. We have distilled, purified, and mineral  water, to name only a few. I honestly do not know the difference among those, or maybe because I did not care to know. It was enough for me to know that all of those drinking water out there on the shelves are safe, FDA-approved, and healthy. In January 2020, due to my constant eating of coffee beans, the insides of hell spewed out from my stomach. The bitter fluid or whatever-it-was that I was vomiting out  was maybe a dragon’s poop, for it tasted worse than hell. After taking Kremil-S and eating some soup, finally, I felt better. And then, my sister and her husband arrived, and they gave me Le Minerale. I grew up in a very remote countryside, and I experimented with anything that fascinated me. I know the taste of rainwater, river water, water from the puddle, water from the deep well, and water from the artesian well. The moment I drank Le Minerale, I knew it was mountain water

Coreless Compact Tissue Paper

  Tissue, Tisyu Long before Covid-19 became an ugly part of human history, facial tissue and a bottle of sanitizer have always been essential to me. I have always been allergic to smoke and dust, that’s why. But, the branded, cute, pretty-looking facial tissue are quite impractical for me to buy again and again. I have to save as much as I can. That’s when I started looking for another brand that would work just efficiently as the branded ones, but without leaving a hole in my pocket. I found this coreless tissue. It’s durable yet it’s soft, just like the other popular brands that have cores. my very first brand of compact, coreless tissue  I also tried this brand, and it's also good.  After quite  some time, a popular company also released its own brand of coreless tissue, called Robinson’s tissue. I tried it too, and of course, it’s as good as the original coreless tissue, Tisyu. Whenever I go shopping, I buy one pack of each brand. I am so glad to have found these prac