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Fashion Jewelry by Ellize

  Each flower has its own unique, alluring beauty. In the same way, each woman has her own charm and loveliness. We want to think that our natural beauty, coupled with our innate gracefulness and even lovelier personality, is enough…but admittedly, sometimes, we need a little help. This is where Elizze comes in. Today I am officially launching my online store, Elizze. This store offers apparel, cosmetics, and anything that makes the already lovely modern woman even lovelier. And today, I   have the honor to present my latest collection, Elizze Fashion Jewelry. Currently there are six items available, and all of them are priced reasonably. Here are the lovelies… Gold plated set: necklace, ring, earrings  chain length: 18 inches  Gold plated set: necklace, ring, earrings chain length: 16 inches  Gold plated set: necklace, ring, earrings chain length:  18 inches  Gold plated set: necklace, ring, earrings chain  length: 16 inches  Gold plated set: necklace, ring, earrings chain  leng

Webcam And Other Stories

  I’ve always been a fan of Logitech camera. (I love all Logitech products but this will be featured in another post.) I love Logitech camera because it’s affordable, reasonable, and the image quality is clear. These images are taken using my Logitech camera, screenshotted from my laptop. No special lights, just my room light.  image screenshotted from my laptop with my Logitech webcam  another screenshot using my Logitech webcam, with some of  my paintings on the wall  One day my beloved Logitech cam had reached its lifespan, and I had many more classes lined up, so I had to run to the nearest computer store to buy one. Sadly, the store ran out of Logitech webcams, so I had no choice but to settle with any functioning webcam that the store had. I got this.    a webcam without a name...                                                                  ...but it's reliable and I like it.  It came with this box...  ---and these are the only specifications indicated in the bo

My Personalized Purse

Yay! ^_^    Elizabeth When it comes to bags or purses/wallets, I don’t go for the brand. I go for the style, the color, and practicality. For as long as the item is durable, no matter how unknown the brand is, I go for it. The amount of money inside the purse is infinitely more important than the cost/brand of the purse. I’d rather have a plastic envelope or even a piece of paper for a purse with $1000   inside it than to have an expensive purse with almost no money in it. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this small stall in our local shopping mall. The lady was making personalized purses, and so I lined up to have one. I don’t know what material was used for this purse, but it’s definitely durable. And of course, it has my name on it, so now I like it even more.   I can see years of us being together. Hahaha! By the way, the words above my name say Forever Young. That's the brand of the purse. ^_^ 

You and Me, You and I- Lesson 18

To inquire about my classes, or for a trial lesson, email me at   This is a short YouTube video about a simple grammar lesson. Enjoy watching it! ^_^ We use You and Me if they function as the object of the preposition. For example: The teacher likes you and me.  The verb is the the word Like, and the objects are the pronouns You and Me.  When do we use You and I?  We use You and I when they function as the subject in a sentence, when they function, together, as the doer of the action.  Example:  You and I should study hard for the test.  You and I should not be fighting all the time.  Thank you very much and please watch my YouTube channel! One video is uploaded above!