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I’ve always been a fan of Logitech camera. (I love all Logitech products but this will be featured in another post.)

I love Logitech camera because it’s affordable, reasonable, and the image quality is clear.

These images are taken using my Logitech camera, screenshotted from my laptop. No special lights, just my room light. 

image screenshotted from my laptop with my Logitech webcam 

another screenshot using my Logitech webcam, with some of  my paintings on the wall 

One day my beloved Logitech cam had reached its lifespan, and I had many more classes lined up, so I had to run to the nearest computer store to buy one. Sadly, the store ran out of Logitech webcams, so I had no choice but to settle with any functioning webcam that the store had.

I got this. 


a webcam without a name... 

                                                    ...but it's reliable and I like it. 

It came with this box... 

---and these are the only specifications indicated in the box

I forgot how much it was, and as you can definitely notice, it doesn’t even have a brand. It’s just a webcam.

I bought this in March 2021 and it’s still working really well. I use it many times a day, and it is the very same webcam that I used in recording my YouTube videos!

This is a screenshot of my image, taken using this webcam without a name.  For me, the quality of the image is good.

Kudos to the people who made this webcam. It’s super affordable but in terms of quality, it does not lag behind.


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