FROM (Preposition)


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We are going to discuss something that confuses students of English as a Second Language or ESL. 

Prepositions are really tricky. The best way to learn about prepositions by heart is to keep on reading, reading, and reading.

This blog post shows the verbs/words that usually go with the preposition FROM. I also provided some example sentences for your convenience


If you want to set up a business but you have no capital, try to borrow money from a bank. Or, if you have a generous friend, you can also borrow money from him/her/


My ancestors defended my country from invaders. 


My opinion greatly differs from yours but of course, that doesn't mean I hate you. I love you as a friend and I respect you as a human even though our opinions are different. 


Jane was dismissed from her work right after the boss found out that she was having an affair with the security officer. 


Long time ago, I lived in a far-flung area and we had to draw water from a deep well. 


The monster emerged from the sea. 


The truth is, no matter how much alcohol we drink, we can never escape from our problems, We have to face our problems and solve them objectively. 


Could you please excuse my niece from your class today? We need to go to the dentist. She has an impacted tooth. 


Should we let poverty hinder us from achieving our goals? 


To prevent the food from going bad very soon, we need to refrigerate it. Of course. 


Teenagers are prohibited from smoking. They can smoke all they want when they turn 20. 


We need sunblock to protect our skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays. 


I received flowers and chocolate from my friend on my birthday. The chocolate was yummy but the flowers were bitter. 


Please separate the two spiders from each other. They are fighting. I don't want any of them to lose and be eaten. 


Many people silently suffer from depression. I wonder what we can do to help them. 


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