Used to + Base Verb, Used to + Verb-ing

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When do we use  Used to + Base Verb, Used to + Verb-ing?

This is another thing that confuses many students of English as a Second Language or ESL.

Used to + Base Verb=something regularly happened in the past, but it doesn’t happen anymore.


I used to sing at weddings. (I did this regularly in the past; I don’t do it anymore.)

What if the next word is an adjective, and not a verb? In this case, we have to insert a Be-Verb.


I used to be thin. Finally, I have gained some weight. (This means, I was thin before, but not anymore.)

What if there is a noun after the adjective, and there is no verb? In this case, we will insert another verb.


I used to have long hair. I have very short  hair now.

My sister used to have three dogs. She gave them to a friend when she left for England.

My brother used to be a commercial model. He is a public school teacher now.

How about Be-Used to + Verb-ing? This has a totally different meaning. Take a look at this example: 

I am used to singing in front of many people. 

(This means, I have no problem singing in front of people, I am accustomed to it, I don't get nervous, I don't get scared, it's very natural for me to sing in front of many people.) 

Here are some more examples: 

We Filipinos are used to enduring trials, We never give up even in the face of a big adversity. 

For more information, please watch this video!

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