AT (Preposition)


This is another blog post for students of English as a Second Language, or ESL. 

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Again, the words that go with the preposition AT are listed below, in alphabetical order.  I hope that these posts will make learning ESL a bit, even just a bit easier.

I’m amused at the way he chews his food. It makes him even cuter.

At what time did you arrive at the airport?

I was astonished at the way Yuzuru Hanyu executed his quadruple jump. So far, that’s the most amazing jump in the history of figure skating.

When he glanced at me, my heart skipped a beat.

Someone is knocking at the door. Are you expecting a visitor?

Look at those kittens chasing butterflies! Aren’t they adorable?

No matter how animated the discussion is, never point at people. It’s rude.

I was shocked at the Peso-US Dollar exchange rate. Our currency has become really weak. The inflation is global, so a lot of people are worried about the future.

Why are you staring at me? Is there an insect on my face?

Even Trisha was surprised at her own TOEIC score. She thought she messed up, but she got 925!

Dianne works at a hospital. She is an anesthesiologist.



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