The Small Things That Help Me Get Through The Day


There are the seemingly small things that help me get through the day.

Upon waking up in the morning, while having my steaming black coffee, I write my schedules and reminders for the day on pieces of paper and paste them on the wall. Yes, I am so old school!

My grip is strong which is so uncommon for a teeny-weeny girl like me, and so my dominant hand does not like the “feel” of a pen.  It’s just too tiny for me and I can’t write well. And so, my friends, Pilot permanent markers, enter the picture. Yes, even on a small piece of paper, I use Pilot permanent marker! And, I even use Pilot permanent marker when taking down notes during my classes!

What I like about this brand is that, it’s refillable. I just need to buy a bottle of ink and presto, I can just refill my pens as often as needed.

How about you? What small things help you get through your crazy, productive day?


 Aw, there’s a bonus… Pilot ink smells good. It doesn’t offend my nostrils. Hahaha!


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