TOEIC Lecture 3

Many students of English as a Second Language (ESL) do not just learn speaking. They also want to take English exams. The most popular English exam among employees in Korea and in Japan is the TOEIC exam, or Test of English for International Communication.

Here is another sample of a TOEIC question. 

Customers with concerns about the safety of the product are advised to call the ________ as soon as possible.

A.     Manufacture

B.     Manufacturing

C.     Manufacturer

D.    Manufactured

Again, this is a vocabulary test but this is much easier than the vocabulary question in TOEIC Lecture 2 because all of the choices (words from A-D) here are related.

Let’s dissect the question. The blank that needs to be filled in with the appropriate word is contained in this phrase:  “to call the __________ as soon as possible.


Disregard the phrase  as soon as possible---it’s an adverb, and it does not affect the blank that needs to be filled in.

So, we are left with a shorter phrase—“to call the ____________."

Remember that the is always followed by a noun. So, just pick out the noun among the four choices.

You’re right! The correct answer is Choice C—manufacturer! 

-From GAKKEN TOEIC book- 

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