TOEIC Lesson 7

Many students of English as a Second Language or ESL do not just learn speaking. They also want to take English exams. The most popular English exam among employees in Korea and in Japan is the TOEIC exam, or Test of English for International Communication.

Here is TOEIC Lesson 7! Enjoy reading!

Mr. Greg Anderson has been leading research in our laboratories _____________ over eighteen years.

a. in

b. for

c. up

d. from

 -From Gakken TOEIC 

Okay. Here we go…. PREPOSITIONS!

The phrase after the blank (_______= this is the blank) is “over eighteen years.” This phrase is a period of time, the length of time, how long something has been going on.

The right answer is B, for.

More examples:

I’ve been teaching ESL for 18 years.

Maxx has been cleaning the room for 2 hours.


A: How long has it been raining?

B: It has been raining for 24 hours nonstop.

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