TOEIC Lecture Part 4


Many students of English as a Second Language or ESL do not just learn speaking. They also want to take English exams. The most popular English exam among employees in Korea and in Japan is the TOEIC exam, or Test of English for International Communication.

Starting today, we will post sample questions from different sources so that we can give tips on how to spot the correct answer immediately.

Here is the Part 4 of our TOEIC   questions lecture series! ~ 

Library and information science majors should be reminded of the seminar beginning ___________ at 6:00 pm in room 212-B.

A.     Promptly

B.     Prompts

C.     Prompter

D.    Prompted


All of the choices are derived from the root word prompt. This is an easy question to answer.  Something (the seminar) will begin at 6:00. We will modify or describe the word begin. Begin is a Verb. What part of speech describes or modifies a Verb? It’s an Adverb. Which among the choices is an Adverb? You are right, it’s Promptly!

Choice D, promptly, is the right answer!

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