TOEIC Lecture Part 6


Many students of English as a Second Language or ESL do not just learn speaking. They also want to take English exams. The most popular English exam among employees in Korea and in Japan is the TOEIC exam, or Test of English for International Communication.

Here is TOEIC Lesson 6! Enjoy reading!

The ___________ outlay of assets for the construction of the new streetcar lanes has been cited by newspapers as the main cause of the project’s dismissal.

a. initially

b. initiate

c. initiation

d. initial


Okay, here is a challenging vocabulary question.

Again, for those people whose second language is English, it takes only about two seconds to spot the right answer. And as usual, I would like to present this lesson from the point of view of the TOEIC test-takers whose second language is not English.  


I would like to dissect the sentence.

“The _______________ outlay of …”

We all know that The is a noun signal.  Choice C is a noun. However, the word after the blank is a Noun. How do we know it’s a noun? (This is assuming that the test-taker is not familiar with those words.

Again, how do we know that the word right after the blank is a Noun? It’s because it’s followed by Of, and Of is a Preposition. Prepositions and Nouns always go together.

And since there is already a noun, we can’t use another noun. We can’t say “the initiation outlet”.

Therefore, we need an adjective. Which among the choices is an adjective?


If you say D, initial, you are correct!

Initial= This is an adjective which means “something that occurs or happen at the start.”

Outlay= money spent on something   

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