TOEIC Lecture Part 11

As I have mentioned so many times, countless of students of English as a Second Language, or ESL, also take English exams

These exams include TOEICTOEFLEIKENIELTSOPIc, and other English exams. Here is another TOEIC question for your practice!

Again, I would like to state that the explanations given in this post are for those people who are not yet so familiar with English words and English sentence constructions.

Thank you very much, let's all enjoy learning TOEIC Part 11!


 ___________ of the proposed plans by the chamber of commerce involves an annual agricultural exhibition.


a. Someone

b. The one

c. One

d. As one

-from Gakken TOEIC


The blank requires a subject. Subject means the topic of the sentence. All of the choices, from Choice A to D, can be used as subjects because all of them are pronouns.

To determine the right subject, check the verb. There are so many words after the blank, so how do we determine the verb? Look at this:

"___________ of the proposed plans by the chamber of commerce involves an annual agricultural exhibition."

The words in bold,  italics all parts of a prepositional phrase. (The phrase starts with of, a preposition, so it is called a prepositional phrase.)

If we disregard the prepositional phrase, it becomes clear that the verb of the sentence is the word involves. Note that it ends with an -S, which means that the subject has to be Singular.

But, all of the subjects are singular.

Take note of the preposition of, and from the choices, pick out the one that goes with the preposition of.

Someone of the proposed plans? – This doesn’t makes sense; Someone refers to a person, but here, we are talking about plans.

The one of the proposed plans?- The one of is NOT  a good collocation, If we say One of, no need to use The.  

One of the proposed plans? – This is the right answer.

As one of the proposed plans? – This is a clause. The sentence does not require an introduction, it’s a complete sentence if we supply the subject.

Again, thank you very much for reading this post!

See you again very soon! 

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