Wow! I was away for a while! Hahaha! Anyway, starting today, I am going to regularly post blogs about everyday life again, and, more importantly, about our TOEIC lessons! 

And, as we all know, students of English as a Second Language, or ESL, take English exams such as TOEIC, TOEFL, EIKEN, IELTS, and OPIc.  The explanations given are based on the perspectives of test-takers. 

Here’s a question from ETS! Enjoy reading this post! 

One of Mr. Oh’s primary duties is the _____________ of the corporate food service.

a.     Manage

b.     Manages

c.      Manageable

d.     Management

This should be very easy even to the ones who are not yet so familiar with the TOEIC exam.

The word The is before the blank; therefore, the blank requires a NOUN. Which among the four choices is a noun?

Of course, it’s Choice D, Management.

“…the management of the corporate food service” is the answer.


The—This is a determiner, and it is followed by a noun or nouns. There may be adjectives or adverbs after it, but after the modifier/modifiers, there is always a noun, or even nouns.

Thank you very much and see you again next time!

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